Leadership Team Strategic Planning Workshop

by Sandra

June 3, 2018

The Collaborative leadership team convened in Montreal, Quebec to strategize and plan for the upcoming year. Leadership team members refined the Collaborative’s project aims over the three phases of the pilot, identified research priorities to guide the development of the collaborative environment, and funding strategies to grow and sustain the project. Based on the work at this meeting, the Collaborative leadership decided to deepen its focus on ethics content within existing curriculum as a locus of collaboration across sectors, in partnership with the Canadian High School Ethics Bowl. Focus groups were slated with K-12 SSH educators and consultants at the annual meeting of the Ontario Geography Consultants’ Association (OGCA) and Ontario History, Humanities, and Social Science Teachers Association (OHHSSTA) in October 2018, with post-secondary SSH educators and graduate students, in the spring of 2019. Surveys of larger samples of these groups are planned to precede and inform the design of the focus groups. This descriptive research will inform The Collaborative as an intervention into the existing SSH ecosystem and assessment of its impact.