January 2019 Partnership Workshop: Training, Pilots and Assessment

by Sandra

We’re excited to welcome collaborators from partners organisations involved in developing the various aspects of our collaborative platform, including activity templates, facilitation training and assessment. Pre-Workshop meetings will start on 10th January. Main program to begin in the afternoon of 11th January. Participants include: François Claveau (CIRST), Rachel Collishaw (OAHSSTA), Linda Connor (Manitoba Ministry of Education), Kamilla Karoli (Mitacs), Estelle Lamoureux (MARL, Unesco Schools), Kevin Lamoureux (University of Winnipeg/NCTR), Sandra Lapointe (McMaster University), Roberta Lenger-Kang (Columbia University), Grace Pollock (McMaster University), Robert Renaud (University of Manitoba), Byron Stevenson (TDSB/OG-OH), Cameron Stockdale (Mitacs), Nick Tanchuk (Columbia University), Ben Zimmer (Enable Education) and Ruth Vinz (Columbia University).