Research Commons on Social and Human Skills and SSH Impact

by Sandra

The Collaborative is taking the lead in the creation of a Research Commons on Social and Human Skills and SSH Impact. The inaugural meeting took place in Ottawa, at the Offices of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences on 11 October 2018 with the participation of representatives from:

  • CAGS
  • CIHR
  • The/La Collaborative
  • Conference Board of Canada
  • FHSS
  • Mitacs
  • RIC
  • Universities Canada

The Commons will lead a consultation at the Education and Skills Symposium in Toronto on 29th November.

Targeting Social and Human Skills in the Social Sciences and Humanities

What are “soft”, “transferable”, “human” skills needs and how do these needs vary across sectors? How are these “social and human skills” best acquired, fostered and deployed? How can a better understanding of the role of social sciences and humanities training and knowledge transform our capacity to face emerging economic and societal challenges? Facilitating collaboration opportunities for education, industry, policy and advocacy stakeholders would help them develop frameworks and methods to address these issues and increase the impact of their efforts. This session will present a proposal for a “Canadian Research Commons” on social and human skills, the associated knowledge and their impact. Participants will be invited to comment on the initiative and its research priorities.