The Collaborative at Congress

by Sandra

May 25-29th 2018

The Collaborative was in Regina for the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, the largest gathering of social science and humanities scholars in Canada.  At Congress, The Collaborative presented its vision of opportunities to increase the public engagement of academics and the depth of collaboration across social sciences and humanities education sectors. There were three occasions to present and discuss The Collaborative.

  • On May 26th, Dr. Sandra Lapointe organized and led a panel discussion sponsored by the Canadian Philosophical Association “What models for the public engagement of social science and humanities scholars?” that sought to bring the leadership of academic associations into a discussion around the nature and value of public scholarly work and intellectual engagement.
  • On May 28th, Dr. Lapointe presented The Collaborative’s work at the session “Becoming a Public Scholar: Community Engagement and the Future of the Humanities” a session organized in collaboration with the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Public Humanities Institute at Western University and the Trudeau Foundation.
  • On May 29th, Dr. Lapointe, along with Dr. David Phipps of the Research Impact Network and Dr. Matthew McKean from The Conference Board of Canada, presented “SSH Pathways: Building Connections and Improving Impact”. This presentation identified evidence-based opportunities for deepening and strengthening SSH pathways both from K-12 to higher education and to the labour market. Based on existing evidence, The Collaborative’s platform was advanced as an innovative way for deepening the alignment of SSH education across sectors, while at the same time supporting skills and capacities valued inside academia and in the non-academic labor market.